Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clayton in Hospital

My little man
has made it to the age of 10 before he had a BIG boo boo!!!
Saturday, he was riding his bike on our stone driveway. Many
of you know that our driveway is very long and downhill!!!
On his way downhill his tire must have hit a rock. The front of his tire
turned sharply and as he flew over the handle bars one of those handlebars decided
to make contact with his side/stomach. Now these handlebars have
seen better days. The plastic/rubber coverings that are on the handlebars
were wearing off and he now has a perfect indention of that metal "pipe" that was
his handle bar right in his side. Kindda like he was "branded"

I was at work and received a call about the accident. Steve and Alyssa cleaned him up and
he was very quiet. About an hour later he started throwing up. Off to the ER we went in
Lewisburg. Thankfully, he was admitted asap. We were there for about 6 hours. They found that he had some internal swelling so transfered Clayton via ambulance to Geisinger.
Upon arriving to Geisinger, Clayton and I were taken into the trama unit!!!!
More tests, to discover that his colon is swollen....... that is when they had to determine if they
would perform surgery. It was decided that since he was young they would watch and make sure no leakage from the colon would occur.
Next stop -- Pediatric ICU
that is where he is at the moment. He has been a real trouper... All the blood work, iv's and
poking!!! Many of the doctors and nurses have complimented him on how well he has done!!

I would really appreciate your prayers through this....
the Lord can heal him!!!
3:30 Sunday afternoon
Clayton has been moved to a regualar room...still no food
or drinks.


MonaV said...

Thank you for visiting my blog ant to enjoy my candy.

Have a nice day!
Hugs from Norway

Jeanne said...

so sorry about all of this...

Carole said...

My goodness girl - I think your family better stay quiet the rest of the year! 2010 will go down as the year to forget!

You all (my south coming through!) take care and you and your family and especially Clayton are in my prayers!