Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Brings......

Lots of things---busy schedules and beautiful things
to deocorate with.
This month has been so busy and full but enjoyable.
Decorating, Baking, Shopping and making memories with family.
Below are some pictures of this months activities.

Had a cookie bake at the beginning of the month. Made over 3300 cookies.
My 2 sister-in-laws along with our girls made these in 2 days. We made:
Ladylocks, peach cookies, chocolate crinkles, peanut butter cup,
thumbprints, cocanut cookies, apricot, nut rolls, amish cookies,
peppermint bark, buckeyes and snicker fudge.

Alyssa has been selling little Gingerbread Houses on her etsy store.
They are so cute.

Some of Decorations around the house.
Countdown (Below) And I love this Handmade Christmas
tree!!!! Got this from Melissa Phillips

Alyssa Making Popcorn/Cranberry strings for the
Christmas Tree.

My snowman picture that I made several years ago.
I have been so blessed this month with TONS of orders from my
scrapbook store. Been VERY busy but I'm thakful.


Carole said...

So nice to hear from you finally! Busy on this side too! Added Alyssa's store to my favorite on my etsy store. Will add her to my circle of friends too!

Stahl Family said...

Great to hear from you!!! I'll have to give you an email and catch up!!! Been checking your blog -- waiting for a post.