Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Catch Up at the Stahl Household

Things have been busy this new year but fun. We started the new year with a Stahl get together at our house........ We were able to visit my
parents at the beginning of the month as well as gettting to see my brother and
his family. I must say that when we visited in SC we didn't thing we would have to
leave early because of a snow storm. But that is exactly what happened.
How depressing, I was hoping that one of the benefits of visitng out there was sun and warmth. Not so on this trip! We had a nice visit, went geocaching, which was enjoyable
and just had a relaxing visit.
It took me awhile to get my holiday decor taken down...and if you look close enough you
will find a bit here and there around the house yet.
Alyssa has started her next semester of college, and I now get to
start planning a graduation party for her. She will turn 18 in Feb.
Clayton and Shalene have been ejoying lots of sleepovers here and there.
Grandma and Papal gave them all skates for Christmas so that has been top on
there list of winter fun. Steve and Clay even went out ice fishing!! UGH,
too cold for me. Me, I've been busy shopping!!! The new scrapbook
products all release the beginning of the year so I stock up for the store at this
time. Presently we are getting snow, I must say that I DO NOT enjoy being
cold but snow is pretty. How many of you enjoy the snow? Did you make a snowman
this year? Well, off to keep busy.
Keep Warm!

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