Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

I've been thinking over the past year and all that it held for us....
I must say that it was one of the roughest I've ever had.
Both of the girls being diagnosed with type 1 diabeties, and learning how
to deal with that from day to day. Clayton in a bike wreck and in the hospital with that. Shalene with her gall bladder surgery, not to mention all that we went through with Steve's eye (it will never be back to normal. ) And me, yes, I even had a few tests and a
procedure that I thought they were trying to kill me. BUT, through it all
God was right there with us. Keeping us and helping us. I would never want to go
through any of that without my Savior. go along with those thoughts I want to make sure I "love" this year.
Not to take the little things in life for granted. And to love my family unconditionally with
no reservations. Instead of sighing at the small things.....count them
as blessings...because if I didn't have loved ones around, there would be no small things
to sigh at.
Have a Wonderful 2011