Friday, November 30, 2012

My First Foodie PenPal

 My First Time to Participate in the Foodie Pen can find the link
here if you are interested in participating.
Above is the package I mailed....I sent items that were from our local area....chips that are made in the town over....pretzel rolls that are made in town....LOVE THESE.  Local honey and flavored honey sticks, dried apple cips, homemade apple caramels and chocolate dipped potatoe chips from
Ards....and don't forget the deer jerky. (Posted this because my foodie pen pal I sent to doesn't have
a blog to post on)

I received an ethnic themed box from Laura in Las Vegas....(the 2 pics above)
Mexican green apple sodas, Macarons from a local store there...which I must say were marvelous...(I am saving the soda for a special moment. Laura says they taste a bit like jolly ranchers...looking forward to giving this a try, my hubby made sure I knew that when I open them he wants a try)  Rice cakes (Japanese) Ruedas (wheel wheat chips), Mole Sauce and pumpkin Gourd.  I recieved the sweetest letter also, telling me how to prepare each of the items. (which I am ever so thankful for since I have no clue on that issue)   I must say that I am so excited to be able to try these foods....since we live in a
rural area I don't always get to try "different"  ethnic things so this is something that was
right down my ally....THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA...couldn't have
asked for a better box.

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