Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Started Christmas Decorating

 Started decorating today.....whew....its a job just
getting organized.  Decided to try something different this year....the
curved top to this little tree.  I do need to string some more cranberries and popcorn for our country
tree yet.  So the family room is all taken care of (I think) 4 more trees to go!!!! Plus lots
of little ones that sit around the house.
Clayton and Shalene have there trees already up (they have had em up for awhile, along with the
Christmas music playing.)  I love to see everything all
decorated for the season.....I just hate knowing that it all has to come down then!!!!
(Oh, if you want more detailed pictures - just click on the photos for a larger view, you can
read the snowman poem then)

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