Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread House

This is our second year to do gingerbread houses....believe it is a  new tradition in the Stahl household.  Last  year I purchased the houses at our local Mennonite store.....And this year I did
the same for the kids but wanted to give a shot at making my own...and decided that if it works, we would do this in the future.  So, I went searching on a site that I find to be drool worthy!!!
PINTREST!!  Found this site....Sweetopia, on this site you will find a short video with tips on making your own creation.....gingerbread recipe and frosting AND a gingerbread
house template!!!!!
Here are a couple other templates I found if you are
 These are the little teacup houses we did up....Clay & Leen
decorated these....they have doors cut on either side so you
can sit them on the rim of your cup.
 My Gingerbread house.....can you tell what my favorite
color is?
Our countdown for the day....melted snowman ornament.
VERY ,VERY easy project and I think it is just
too cute!!!
Clear ornament, add some seasalt (or you could use epson salt),
2 peppercorns (or cloves) for the eyeballs....and make a little nose rolled
up from orange cardstock. 
I have a very small funnel I use in the kitchen so we used that and
the process went very quickly.  You could probably make a funnel with
paper rolled up as well to make life easier.
(I do have to admit that I found this cute idea on pintrest!!!  I LOVE pintrest!)

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