Monday, December 10, 2012

Gingerbread & More

 Alyssa was home this weekend....she had mercy for me and rolled the
oreo truffles plus dipped them for me.  For some reason mine never are as
round and pretty as hers!!!

 Countdown activity for the 9th was to play games and enjoy rootbeer floats.
Blokus and Masterpiece were the games....lots of lauging and fun!

 And today -- our countdown activity was to decorate our gingerbread houses.
Mine isn't finished because I was busy rolling and cutting dough.....
but you can see all the pretty pink and white above that I plan to use.
Clayton and Shalene seem to agree that this is one of their
favorite countdown activities.
Now we have abouat 20 or more little teacup gingerbread houses to decorate.
Pictures to come.

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