Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life at the Stahls - May 2013 appears that hunting has become a VERY important part of life around
here........Clayton has turkey calls, bird calls, trail camera and on and on.....
He was out hunting turkey the other day, right behind the house, and a bear came within feet from where he was!!!!  Whew....too close to home
 Bella visiting with her momma, Bree
 Rhubarb!!! Nothing like beautiful weather and rhubarb!!!  I love the smell of cooking rhubarb!!
Here I made strawberry rhubarb jelly.....I also looooooooooove rhubarb crumb pies but
I have been watching what I eat so didn't make them this time.....maybe later this summer.

 Sue and I spent a day in State College......hit an International store (which I loved)....and some of the itemswere a bit "different" and some were wonderful.  Got some coconut soda, sweet plantain chips and some grains I wanna try (coarse bulger--suggestions?)  We hit a thrift shop and Michaels along with several other stops.....seems like we couldn't come up with other thrift stores, every where we tried they were gone....anyone know of some good places?
 Trader Joes, is a store that I LOVE!!!  Especially being on the HCG diet, I have
been trying to watch the stuff I eat.  Well, I finally found a Trader Joes....only I have to go over an hour to get there.....but I do at least have hope of being able to shop occasionally at Trader Joes, just will have to stock up when I go....needless to say, I did stock up on several things....though it would be so wonderful if it were closer so I could go EVERY week!!!!  I didn't get a chance to look much at the frozen and cold time I will take a cooler.....and maybe more money!!  Anywhooooo.....I was one happy person to FINALLY be able to find a Trader Joe's in Pa....

Heres a few of the goodies I got: Almond flour/meal, kale chips, cookie butter, polenta, dried mango.......any suggestions on using/serving these items would be welcome.....I have my ways but am open to other ideas....Oh and I got several of the spices:  21 blend and Dukkah .  Also some Harvest grains blend (Couscous, orzo, baby garbanza beans and red quinoa) as well as whole green lentils.....(ok foodie bloggers -- give me suggestions and recipe's, please!?)

Shalene and her Science Project.....simply soaked this egg in Vinegar for several days.
It totally dissolved the shell and came out almost like a rubber....however, when cut it is liquid inside just like normal.  Pretty neat deal!
 We have been thrilled with the weather.....allowing us to eat on the deck and grill.....

Found that a mamma bird built a next in my hanging globes on the front porch....
cute but grrrrrr

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