Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July picnic

So, today we went on a picnic. We went up to Poe Paddy State Park, it took us like an hour and a half to get to the park (driving on mountain roads), and then we had to find somewhere to eat.
The pics are in order, but I have to explain this. The path is where a railroad used to be, but they decided they didnt need it or something and they ripped all of the rails out, but they kept the trail and you can still walk on it. So this bridge was used for the train, but they put boards across it so u can walk without falling through :)
We just found a place along the way for our picnic. So it wasn't the traditional 4th of July picnic with lots of people and noise. But just a quiet place enjoying our family. There are camp sites at Poe Patty also but mom isn't real big on the tent thing.

This is the railroad tunnel that is along the path. So we are able to walk through it - kindda neat & dark (giggle) Dad would come up with a few "stories" to tell along the way.
Below: Mountain Laurel is our state flower. Most of it is finished blooming but when we got down farther in the mountains valley we were able to find some still blooming.

Stopped at a few lookout points on our journey. It was a cloudy day so you can't see the view as nice in the pictures. But it really was beautiful.

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beutifulfamily said...

Beautiful place to celebrate with your family the birth of our great country!