Sunday, July 6, 2008

And We're Off

The bus that will be taking the youth to Florida.
Waiting to load up and hit the road. Lots of those standing around to say good-bye and give last minute directions to the "young-uns"
Alyssa, Phoebe, Meghan & Sofia looking happy to be hitting the road. I hope these girls don't get into too much mischief!! They love to have fun.
Loaded and ready to go!! Pastor Plank along with Solomon & Joanna are making the ride to Florida. On the way back Mary & I along with Tim will be traveling back with them and Pastor Plank will have gone home earlier for Sunday service at Beavertown.
Bus driver Lewis Ray. Pastor Plank & Tim will be helping to drive when needed.
Sorry, the lighting wasn't the greatest for these pics!!
This is probably our last post till we get back next Monday (very late!!!) from the missions trip. Alyssa & Amy are headed to the Cuban Refugee Missions in Miami Florida with a group of teens from the Beavertown God's Missionary Church. We will be having a VBS program, crafts and a work team to do painting and maint. while there.
The 23 team members will leave tonight at 9:00 (However Amy-I'm the chef! along with Mary-the VBS coordinator, have the privilege of flying out tomorrow morning around 10:00. This way we can grocery shop and do all the pre-arrangements before the rest of the crew gets there) Now they are estimating anywhere between 20-22 hours of driving time (Amy & Mary have to ride the mini-bus on the way home UGH!!) so this will make for an interesting trip. Wonder what all the teens will do to keep themselves busy for that long. I'm sure we will have stories.
Oh, yeah, these pics show that our bags were a bit full (only 1 bag and small carry-on allowed) so we tried to fit all that was clothes, church clothes, water/ocean clothes, VBS clothes (we are doing a Western theme) anywho, here is Alyssa getting her bag together with Shalene helping her to get it closed up.

Please keep us in your prayers as this is a lot of miles to travel!! For traveling mercies as well as good attitudes on the trip. We hope to make an impact on the Spanish speaking children and others while we are there. Also, I'm having a few problems physically - my potassium level is really acting up again and that really makes me weak, muscles ache & I've passed out before with this all the prayers will be much appreciated.

If you want to see pics while we are gone you can try the link to The Calhoun's blog (found in my favorites) Mr Calhoun will be the maintenance director and may have a chance to post from his cell phone from there. In the meantime, we will be taking lots of pictures and will post as soon as we get a chance upon arriving home.

Oh yeah, Steve would appreciate your prayers as well. He will be working and dragging Shalene & Clayton around with him throughout the week. (Although my SIL Vic will probably spoil them, even though I left meals in the freezer!) And his eyes -- still waiting on tests results to see what the next thing is to do.

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