Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our New Addition

Okay, this is the stack or should I say mountain of laundry in her room.....Bella seems to enjoy making her bed here.

Her favorite place to be - under my desk.

Well, from the day we were married my hubby has made that statement that we would never have a dog in the house. We have had dogs, but never inside (well, the one lives in the garage) Bree - our cocker spaniel - had a litter of 6 girls...the one had a "cosmetic" problem with her eye, we brought her in the house because it seemed like when things were cold outside it would bother it.....well, now all is history ---- she is officially OUR dog....her name: Bella, we call her Bella Boo. Needless to say, she has brought us many laughs and well, I gotta be honest sometimes frustrations.

So, our new addition to the Stahl Household is Bella Boo - our cockapoo.

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