Thursday, June 6, 2013

May/June 2013 - Daily Life

One of our favorite fruits around here.....cherries.....I really NEED to get a cherry
tree planted....maybe a couple trees......
 Love getting fresh eggs from our neighbors.....well....they moved, but
still share with us.  Think that is on our to do list: 
Get a chicken coop set up.

 Tried my hand at making Kale can find the recipe here --
turned out pretty good...though they are not Trader Joes....the nutritional yeast, doesn't
smell the best when dehydrating so be sure to have your vent going....but other than that it
wasn't too difficult. 
 So I have been watching my carbs -- and in the process trying to make meals for the entire
family that are low carb and something that they will all eat....
parmesan chicken....grilled Brussels sprouts (I wanted to give you the link to these but can't
find the correct recipe...I think I kindda mixed em in my notes. Parmesan and bacon!! !YUM)
 Polenta with melted cheese....The family enjoyed the meal.

One of Claytons favorite things to do in the summer evenings is have
a bonfire.....gotta get him some roasting food!!!
 Time for the garden.......

 Broke down and made a couple rhubarb crumb pies.....however, a couple of em hit
the freezer.
 Shalene did a fundraiser for her missions trip....krispy kreme donuts....
So wonderful....a van full of em and the smell was just dreamy.

Well, I couldn't just drive past the store when I went to pick up the donuts.
Since we do not have a Hobby Lobby in our area, I gotta stop when I can.
I found this most wonderful recipe on Kayotic Kitchen --
it was just wonderful.  I purchased a "wonder" chicken at Weis (kindda like the rotisserie but with
more seasonings) and used that.....used no sugar mayo with it also....added a bit more shredded cheese than it called for (as we LOVE cheese) and you want to talk about a marvelous chicken salad!!!

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